PH Liquid System

With PH Liquid buffer systems and buffer films
more control over the development of bacteria



PH Liquid Belgium NV :
producer of PH Liquid Extract® and Bufferphosphates®


PH Liquid is a world leader in the supply of buffer systems and buffer films according to patented applications for fresh and all heated meat, liver and fish preparations, matured and cured meat- (salami) and fish products. Buffer systems and buffer films developed in co-operation with internationally operating R&D laboratories to support food producers in their prevention of food infections caused by harmful germs and bacteriological conteminations like salmonella, listeria, E.Coli 0157:H7 and monocytogenes.


By applying the PH Liquid Buffer system in the preparation of heated meat products like ham, bacon, freshly salted and/or smoked bacon meant for slicing and pre-packaging, will further gas development be avoided and will colour, taste and smell remain optimal for the duration of a longer shelflife. Even should unfavorable temperature changes occur.


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